NOTE to Master Gardeners:

The letter below pertains only to the discontinuance of the Greater Cincinnati Master Gardener Association, an umbrella organization that supported and connected Master Gardeners from all county organizations in the Tri-State area. All of the state university-related county master gardener groups will continue to pursue their mission to serve their counties and the Greater Cincinnati area.

Dear GCMGA members,

Thanks to those who came to the meeting at the Civic Garden Center for our discussion and vote about the future.  Thanks also to those of you who communicated your inability to attend and your good memories and wishes for our organization.

I want to advise you of the decision reached.  We had some good discussion of why people were no longer choosing to support GCMGA and some interesting suggestions from those who had hoped to rescue the organization.  At the end of the discussion, however, we had a motion made and seconded that we disband.  That motion carried with 20 votes for, 0 votes against and 3 abstentions.  

Now your Board will begin the process of shutting down the website, closing the Facebook page, filing the appropriate papers with the State of Ohio and the Internal Revenue Service, and disbursing our current funds. The criteria for disbursing funds will be as follows, any recipients must be:

  • a 501 (c) 3 organization,
  • having a mission consistent with that of GCMGA
  • that has provided support for GCMGA, 
  • in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Although we are disappearing, every one of you can feel proud of the difference we have made, individually and as a group to the Greater Cincinnati area over the past 24 years.  I know I do.

Gayle Ficken-Clarke, President, GCMGA