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Barrows Lecture Series at CZBG

The Barrows Conservation Lecture Series is made possible by the ongoing support of the family of Winifred & Emil Barrows. Since 1993, the Barrow's series has brought a slate of esteemed naturalists and scientists to Cincinnati to address wildlife issues and global conservation efforts. Tickets can be purchased online at

Wednesday, March 23 – Jennifer Gray, Director of the Melbourne Zoo

TDevils and Bandicoots – How Zoos can deliver Compassionate Conservation – Jennifer Gray, Director of the Melbourne Zoo

Jenny Gray, the formidably able CEO of Zoos Victoria, combines an impressive corporate background with a genuine passion for conservation.

Her move from the corporate sector into the zoo world – she was CEO of the electronic banking division at FNB Corp Bank- was the result of an epiphany when, disillusioned with making money for rich people with whom she didn’t share a value system, she realised she would prefer to be using her abilities to do some good in the world.

Future Speakers in the Series:

Wednesday, April 13 at 7pm – Suzana & Claudio Padua, Brazilian conservationists

Wednesday, April 20 at 7pm – Greg du Toit, Kenyan wildlife photographer, author

Wednesday, May 4 at 7pm – Dr. Joy Reidenberg, Ph.D., Professor

Wednesday, May 11 at 7pm – Scott Weidensaul, Ornithologist and author